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Delicious typical dishes of Almeria (III)

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Beef Stew

Grilled sardines

Grilled sardines

If you want to fully enjoy the delicious taste of sardines, the best way is to grill them. This is a traditional dish of Almeria that increases in popularity during the summer season, as it is the season in which this delicious fish is best.

To give the sardines an extra good taste you can season them with garlic, parsley, a little coarse salt, and if you prefer, you can add a little lemon. They are usually served with a tomato salad, which you can dress up to your liking.


This is a very popular salad in Almeria, which is made with onions, cucumber, tomatoes, green peppers and dried red peppers, the latter being the most important. Although in some cases, dry tomatoes are important; it all depends on the recipe used.

Also, many people add crumbled cod, either raw or cooked, but this has to do with the taste of each preference. This salad can be used as an entree or as a companion to other dishes.

Mackerel with homemade peppers

Good nutrition is vital to preserve health and that is something that Mediterranean cuisine has got covered. Mackerel salad with homemade peppers is extremely delicious, nutritious and, above all, very healthy.

One of the key ingredients of this dish are the peppers (red, green and yellow), which provide a lot of vitamin C. It is recommended to use the ones that come in vegetable oil. It is a recipe that is very easy to prepare which can serve you a delicious meal at any time, besides being very delicious.

Cazuela con fideos

This is a typical dish of the Almeria region, which is made using “pintarrojas”; a very popular Mediterranean fish (a small shark), and other traditional vegetables, such as peppers, onions, garlic, etc., incorporating coarse noodles to obtain the final result. You can use other types of fish, such as dogfish among others, as well as adding clams or shrimp if desired.

“Cazuela con fideos” is a fairly simple dish to make and is very economical, making it suitable for all inhabitants of the region.

Migas de semola

An Almeria dish of great tradition that is made using semolina flour. This dish is consumed a lot in the rainy season; the climate does not really influence it, but it is something that belongs to the tradition of the region so it is never missed out on rainy days.

For the preparation of this recipe, basic ingredients are used in addition to the flour, such as water, garlic, olive oil, salt and Italian peppers. The ideal way to cook it is in a steel skillet so that nothing gets stuck.

Snails in sauce

Snails in sauce

Snails in sauce is a delicious traditional dish in the gastronomy of the region. It is made using snails, bread, garlic, peppers, almonds and water, although you can add chillies if you like it spicy. For its preparation it is very important to wash the snails very well, especially if they are not from hatcheries, but were taken directly from the field.

Almeria is known for its popular tapas and this is one of the most exquisite, and you can find it almost everywhere. Its popularity increases during the spring.

Chard “esparragadas”

This is one of the most traditional and healthy foods of the region of Almeria, usually served in the winter season or on cold days. In addition to the chard, other ingredients can be added such as dried chickpeas, potatoes, onions, peppers, tomatoes, almonds and others that help to deepen the flavor.

Chard “esparragadas” is one of those dishes that combines many flavours and delights the palate, as well as being extremely healthy because it contains a high level of proteins and good fats that are ideal for improving the functioning of the body in general.
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