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10 reasons to visit Velez-Blanco

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Velez-Blanco Castle
Velez-Blanco is a small town that has many picturesque wonders, among them cultural tours, natural monuments and unique gastronomy.
Its culture and gastronomy have a great Arab influence. In fact, in the 18th century the Muslims lived in these lands and built an “Alcazaba” (fortress).

This was later demolished and transformed into the popular Velez-Blanco Castle.

Nowadays you can still see some “primitive” houses that are dotted around the perimeter of the castle, but if you want to get to know this beautiful village, you need to read these 10 reasons to visit Velez-Blanco that we bring for you.

1. Gastronomy: There are so many dishes offered in this town that we do not know where to start our recommendations. One of them is the tasty and nutritious “migas”; a traditionally peasant meal that is served in various ways, among them with grapes, raw tomatoes and chopped olives (which in turn are seasoned with rosemary, thyme and orange).

Also note the delicious “gurullos” with partridge or hare and the “mantecados dormidos”, as well as other desserts that we are sure will make you want to return to Velez-Blanco often.

2. Diverse legacies of humanity: One of the main characteristics of Velez-Blanco is its many rock paintings found by Julian Martinez Garcia that were declared a World Heritage Site. Within the list of these arts are: “Abrigo de las Tejeras”, “Abrigo de las Colmenas”, “Abrigos del Estrecho de Santonge”, “Abrigo de Gabar”, “Abrigo de los lavaderos de Tello”, among many more others.

3. Ambrosio Cave: If you plan to visit Velez-Blanco, you cannot miss the Ambrosio Cave; an archaeological site located 1083 metres above sea level. It is a rocky shelter that constitutes one of the most important solutrean deposits because of the materials that have been recovered there.

4. Beautiful rivers: Another characteristic of Velez-Blanco is that it is a territory rich in waters. They pour into the river Segura and also into the Guadalquivir, through the “Cañada del salar”.

5. Human quality: Although it has few inhabitants, they are concerned with making everyone who visits feel at home. In recent years many people have opted to stay there, after a time when the territory was abandoned in droves by its former inhabitants.
6. Beautiful castles: Velez-Blanco has beautiful World Heritage castles, but we cannot fail to mention the Church of Santiago, the Covent of San Luis and the Los Letreros Cave, all fascinating places for their intriguing stories.

7. Rural houses: If you are someone who likes to enjoy simple things, Velez-Blanco is the right place for you. In this small village of Almeria, comfortable rural houses can be rented so you can disconnect from the world and enjoy a weekend with the family or as a couple.
Velez-Blanco Castle
8. The Renaissance and Baroque Music Festival: This is one of the most anticipated festivals every year. It has a very packed schedule that includes a music academy, history seminars and conferences, among others. It usually takes place every summer.

9. Culinary Festivals: These usually happen once or twice a year. One of them is the “Renacer del Arte Culinario”, which is performed in parallel with the Renaissance Music Festival and is the town's way of making known its wide and delicious gastronomy.

10. Captivating streets: History, culture and extraordinary landscapes are a constant wherever you walk here. You will always be delighted and will look forward to going back to this little piece of Almeria.
Velez-Blanco Travel Guide
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