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Delicious typical dishes of Almeria (IV)

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Stuffed chicken fillet

Rabbit “al ajillo”

Rabbit al ajillo

Rabbit “al ajillo” can be prepared in different ways, it all depends on the cook's choice. One of the simplest and most delicious ways is made with garlic, almonds, dried tomatoes and peppers, among other condiments. This is one of the most traditional dishes in the Almeria region.

This dish is usually accompanied by a stir fry of mushrooms, cooked pasta, french fries, boiled rice ... although it can always be accompanied with any other dish of your preference. It is a meal that will delight your palate.

Deditos de Jesús

Almerian desserts are delicious and easy to prepare and “Deditos de Jesús” is one of the most typical. Its origin is presumed to have been in the Convent of the Pure, but that hasn't been fully verified.

The fingers are prepared using almonds, sugar and egg yolks. The ingredients are mixed very well and the consistency allows you to form fingers or rods, which are then fried in a frying pan with butter or oil. When serving, they can be drizzled with a little pure honey or just sprinkled with sugar.

Veal stew with “gurullos almerienses”

This typical dish from Almeria resembles a pasta. It originated mainly when Almerians needed to replace rice and pasta because they did not have sufficient supplies.

To make this recipe you need veal, flour, onions and peppers, among other ingredients, to increase the flavour. The first thing to be made is the “gurullos” and then to prepare the stew, resulting in a delicious and very economical dish.

Chicken “al ajillo”

"Ajillo" from Almeria is one of the most traditional, popular and delicious dishes of the Mediterranean. This is due to the ingredients that are used and the incredible flavour they give to meats. Chicken “al ajillo” is prepared throughout the year and its special touch is in the “ajillo”, which is made with almonds, garlic, tomatoes and peppers, among other ingredients.

This dish is ideally accompanied by rice with saffron and a glass of wine to enhance the taste; of course this depends on everyone's choices and tastes.

Calatrava´s bread

This traditional dessert from Almeria and Murcia had its origin in times of crisis when it was inexecusable to throw out food, so the inhabitants of the region invented the best way to use old bread and make it into a delicious recipe.

To prepare this dessert it is only necessary to use bread from the previous day, milk, eggs, sugar, cinnamon, liquid caramel and lemon zest. Cover a tray with the caramel, cut the bread into slices and place them on the caramel. Milk, cinnamon and lemon are placed in a bowl, then eggs and sugar are mixed together in another bowl.

After the milk mixture is heated to lukewarm it is added to the mixture with the eggs to combine everything, and it is placed on a tray with the bread and baked in the oven for 40 minutes. After this time it is allowed to stand and put for a few hours in the refrigerator. It can be accompanied with whipped cream and chocolate chips.


“Ajoblanco” is a delicious appetiser very typical of the Almeria region, which is characterised by being a rather thick cream that is spread on toast and is ideal to accompany various dishes like fried fish.

The ingredients used to prepare this recipe are garlic, olive oil, milk, bread, almonds, vinegar and salt to taste. It is very simple to make, because only the garlic, bread and almonds should be beaten in the blender, then the oil, salt and milk are incorporated and beaten again. You only need to verify that everything is well blended and ready to serve.
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