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Ham from Seron

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Serrano hams
Serrano ham is one of the Spanish gastronomic attractions that has most delighted palates worldwide. A highlight is the Serrano ham from Seron which, as its name indicates, is made in the Almeria province town of Seron.

The gastronomy of Seron does not escape the attention of tourists, especially its artisan products and products originating from the place. The most outstanding is the Serrano ham, which is one of the most recognizable delicacies in the province of Almeria.

Its preparation, taste and history are its great attractions. Today, we will tell you everything you need to know about this culinary delight.

Origin and history of Serrano ham from Seron

The Serrano ham from Seron is iconic in this place. Seron has managed to create a distinctive feature around this product with centuries of experience and work, as this ham and other pork derivatives have been developed in Seron since the 19th century.

Seron has a series of natural advantages such as the climate, with cold winds in winter and warm temperatures in summer that provide the best conditions for the curing of this gastronomic delight. Therefore, it is a tradition with 100% handmade quality from Seron.

What makes Serrano ham from Seron different?

The Serrano ham from this beautiful town in the province of Almeria is a gastronomic jewel. In addition to the ideal environment for the greatest benefit in the curing stage, its flavour is a mixture of sweet and salty, with a bright red colour and a bright and fragrant fat that enchants any diner; it is an extremely pleasant ham.

Experts affirm that the aromatic plants, such as rosemary, that grow in the area actively create the final explosion of flavours that the ham offers.
The importance of this product in Seron is such that, for more than two decades, the Seron Ham Fair has been organized on the first Saturday of July to celebrate and attract thousands of tourists who come from all corners to taste it. The fair is increasingly recognized, with contests for ham cutters and tours inside the production and curing places, for those who want to observe the entire process in person.

Benefits of Serrano ham

Serrano ham comes from the hind legs of the pig and is rich in minerals and vitamins such as vitamin B, vitamin D, and calcium, which strengthen the bones of the body. Its high concentration of vitamin B1 promotes mental health, generating pleasure and tranquillity with a single bite. Serrano ham is nutrition and pleasure at the same time!

What should accompany Serrano ham from Seron?

Serrano Ham Plate
The good thing about this ham is that you can accompany it with many other foods depending on your taste and eating habits.

You can even improvise and create new and original dishes! Serrano ham from Seron is very versatile.

Here are just a few suggestions.

On a sandwich

Nothing simpler. A sandwich of Serrano ham from Seron is an incomparable delight.

With fruit

Combine Serrano ham with melon, pineapple and even avocado in pieces through a slice-type stick.

Peppers stuffed with Serrano ham (a small recipe)

Serrano ham, peppers and olive oil make a great and healthy combination. After the peppers are washed and the seeds are removed, the peppers are stuffed with previously cut Serrano ham. As a next step, place a few drops of olive oil and finally bake for 10 minutes. That’s it.
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