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What you should know before visiting the province of Almeria

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Sirens Reef (Cabo de Gata - Almeria)
The best thing to do before making the trip is to study the destination. That way, you’ll get the most out of your stay and not miss out on the unique places or sites that the destination offers. This is why we are providing you with some information about the province of Almeria that will allow you to enjoy it to the fullest.

Almeria is a beautiful land, full of history and landscape diversity, where you can find beaches, deserts, wetlands and mountains that will allow you to fully enjoy your stay, leaving no room for boredom. Among many interesting places and cultural curiosities, we highlight the following:
Beaches of volcanic origin: In the Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park there are important vestiges of volcanic activity. The volcanism in this area is the most important in the Iberian Peninsula. The Sierra de Cabo de Gata is only a small part of a much larger volcanic area, which is currently almost completely submerged, outcropping only on Alboran Island. Among others, we can enjoy the following formations:
  • Fossil dunes, such as Playazo and Los Escullos.
  • Fossilized lava tongues from Monsul Cove.
  • Volcanic chimneys like the Sirens Reef.
  • Peaks of volcanic origin such as Cerro Negro.
  • The volcanic crater of the Rodalquilar Valley.
  • The volcanic domes of Mesa Roldan.

European Hollywood: The only desert in all of Europe is the Tabernas Desert in Almeria, which served as the setting for many movies about the old west during the 1960s and 1970s. Today the movie sets have been converted into theme parks such as Western-Leone, Fort Bravo and Oasys Mini Hollywood, with swimming pools and a zoo.

The longest nudist beach in the world: It is located in Almeria, specifically in Vera, the scene of the Guinness record for the largest nudist collective bath, with 729 participants, achieved in 2013.

Enter the subsoil of Almeria city: You can visit the Spanish Civil War shelters that served Almeria residents and that are located in the old town. They are in a perfect state of conservation.
Bodas de sangre: Written by Federico Garcia Lorca, it is inspired by real events that happened in 1928 at the Cortijo del Fraile. Best of all, this farmhouse is part of the Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park and you can visit it.

Walt Disney was born in Almeria: According to an urban legend, Walt Disney was born in Mojacar and his parents emigrated to the United States, where they gave him up for adoption.
Drink and tapa: In almost all the bars in the province of Almeria, the price of a drink includes a tapa that you can choose from the local menu.

Rain and migas: It is a tradition in the province of Almeria that on rainy days, the residents eat migas. So, if it rains four days in a row, they eat migas four days in a row.

Try the “American” from Almeria: We're not referring to coffee. This is a drink offered at the Kiosco de Amalia, located in Manuel Perez Garcia Square in the capital, considered the gastronomic heritage of the place. The popular drink is pink and made from hot milk, sugar, cinnamon, lemon peel and a touch of cola nut liqueur. Legend has it that, in the 1970s, when the city was a huge movie set, one of the actors staying at the La Perla Hotel ordered this drink; since then, it has been known as the “American". It is sold only in the mentioned place. If you visit Almeria, you have to try it.
The “-ico” suffix: Every visitor should know that in Almeria, the suffix “-ico” is used for diminutives, an inheritance from the Aragonese settlers. So, do not be surprised when you are offered a “cervecica” (beer) or are told that your hat is “bonico” (nice).
Activities in the province of Almeria

       Almeria city
       Almeria coast
       Cabo de Gata
       Roquetas de Mar
       Tabernas desert

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