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San Jose

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San Jose (Cabo de Gata - Almeria)
Known as the capital of the Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park due to its population density, the town of San Jose maintains the beauty of its white-walled houses built on cliffs above the sea and on the surrounding hills.

It is a peaceful and relaxing place with a little more than a thousand inhabitants, which surprises and enchants the thousands of people who visit it every year.

Historically, San Jose was a small town dedicated to traditional fishing, like all its neighbors in Cabo de Gata, but today its main activity is tourism. The town offers a variety of activities and services.

Crystalline waters

Its beautiful coves, among the most dazzling in the Mediterranean, are its main attraction.
The gastronomic offer is very complete. In the dock area, where water sports are practiced, there is an exquisite variety of restaurants with fish prepared according to the culinary tradition and rice dishes. Other offerings include pizza and ice cream parlours.

Transparent waters in which to practice sports and kayaking are part of the charm of San Jose. In addition to visiting the coves and beaches and practicing snorkelling, you can take tours on horseback or bicycle or in 4x4 cars.
If you have the opportunity to visit San Jose in March, you can enjoy its patron saint festivities. There, you will feel the affection of all its people amid devotion to their patron saint.

Also in August, the Tourist Festival is commemorated and a fun fair is held, with game booths, attractions, animations and food stalls.

A walk through the stars

While hiking, you can enjoy the exclusive view offered by the stars high in the sky. As you move away from the urban centre, you can see the sky with immense clarity.

During the walk, the guide will provide anecdotes and details about the geography of the area, as well as the volcanoes that influenced the area’s history.

Once on the beach, you can lie on the sand and learn from a specialist about basic astronomy topics, the reason for the names of the constellations and, of course, mythology and legends about the stars. It is a very complete experience that will fascinate you.
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