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Wines of Almeria

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Few people know that Almeria produces wines of the highest quality. Today, Almeria has 5 of the 16 “Protected Geographical Indications” of Andalusia that fall into the prestigious category of “Wine of the Earth”.

To be more specific, we can define “Wine of the Earth” as a traditional title that is given only to wines that come from Spain, which have essential qualities based on the conditions of their environment and cultivation.
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We can also say that these are areas where the wine is produced, mainly oriented to the market of the area and related to family production work.

In this sense, we can suggest a selection of wines produced in Almerian lands such as the “Cepa Cononi” of Laujar Brut Nature, made from the second fermentation, belonging to the Geographical Indicator of Laujar – Alpujarra.

You can also try “Viña Laujar” Brut Nature; an original sparkling wine from the high mountain, which is produced in the traditional method of the area.

There are many other high quality wines produced in Almeria, such as “La Dama del Este” Brut Nature and “Flor de Indalia” white wine, which have an impressive smell and taste that you will surely love.

Protected Geographical Locations in Almeria

Almeria Desert

It includes the Sierra de Cabrera, Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park and Sierra de Alhamilla. It should be noted that the vineyards in this area are in the desert of Almeria, at 525 metres above sea level.

The good flavour and pleasant smell of the wines come from grapes harvested in unique climatic conditions: a lot of heat during the day and much cooler nights. These are very favourable growing conditions.

Laujar - Alpujarra

This area is located in the highest part of the Andarax river basin, that is, between Sierra Nevada and Sierra de Gador. The vineyards in this sector are booming, but their work in recent times has been formidable.

Their strength is the production of wine typical of the area such as rosé or claret; however, the possibility of producing new wines is being evaluated to ensure that the same quality standards are maintained.

North of Almeria

White, rosé, red and aged red wines are produced here. It includes the municipalities of Maria, Velez-Blanco, Chirivel and Velez-Rubio.

It is important to note that white wines have flavours that are between mildly acidic and fresh, with aromas reminiscent of lemon, currant and asparagus. An authentic delight.

The rosé wines are also delicious and present pleasantly acidic and fresh flavors. The flavours of the reds are redolent of raspberry, licorice and even blackberry.

The aged reds have a moderate acidity and are quite rich in alcohol.

Ribera del Andarax

Its geographical location covers 21 municipalities of Almeria and the vineyards can be found in the middle course of the Andarax river, with an altitude of up to 900 metres.

It produces table grapes such as “ohanes”, which is a rather unique variety, that are used for the production of white, rosé and red wines.

Sierra de Las Estancias and Los Filabres

The combination of soils belonging to the Almanzora Valley offers grapes with exceptional flavours with which fantastic wines are made.

It is an area that includes 26 municipalities throughout the Almanzora Valley and its altitude reaches 1,200 metres above sea level.

These wines have exquisite and intense aromas of flowers. We invite you to taste them so you can be fascinated and delighted with their flavours.

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