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Sierra Alhamilla Spring

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Water spring
The Sierra Alhamilla Spring is more than a simple tourist visit; it is a jewel for the senses and an excellent pilgrimage to make for good health and physical and mental well-being.

This wonderful spring has become a must see in Almeria and is one of the favourite places for locals, who never tire of the benefits of this spring.

What is the Spring?

The Sierra Alhamilla Spring is a source of natural thermal water, which originates from the inside of the Sierra Alhamilla hillside at a temperature of 58 degrees Celsius.

The waters are considered medicinal. After analysing their content, it was determined that they contain sulphates, bicarbonate, chlorine and also sodium-magnesium, so they are used as hydrothermal therapy and in the preparation of cures and treatments for different conditions.

This magnificent spring is more than 450 metres above sea level, in the centre of the confluence of two important natural parks: the Sierra Nevada and the Cabo de Gata-Nijar. In addition, it is very close to the Tabernas Desert and due to its height, it offers an exceptional full view of the Bay of Almeria.

Roman origin

The story tells that the Phoenicians discovered this spring, but it was also used by the cultures of the Argares, Romans and Arabs, who took advantage of the therapeutic benefits of the waters that flow from the Sierra Alhamilla with the highest temperature in all of Andalusia.

In fact, the current spring is on the ruins of an ancient Roman spa.
However, for many years the spring was "forgotten" and disused, until the Bishop of Almeria, Claudio Sanz, rebuilt the ruins and reactivated it in the 18th century.

The waters of Sierra Alhamilla were designated for public use in 1838, raising interest in the site. Since then, the Sierra Alhamilla has become the favourite place for tourists who believe in the medicinal powers of these waters, as well as those who delight in the wonderful walks and rural tourism that are offered on its slopes.

Medicinal and magical waters

The medicinal effects of hot springs have often been linked to superstitions. However, medical studies have assessed the effects of the water and determined that it has positive effects for respiratory, hydrothermal and indigestion cures.

Some of the conditions that are treated with the hot springs of Sierra Alhamilla are rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia, asthma, stomach discomfort, rhinitis and pharyngitis.

However, the effects are highly appreciated by patients with rheumatic conditions, who find significant relief in these mineral-medicinal waters for the symptoms associated with pain and inflammation.
The Sierra Alhamilla Spring is not an exclusive destination for those suffering from any disease, but it is also ideal for stress therapies or simply to enjoy the warm waters that offer benefits to the skin for men, women and children.

The spa also offers bubble bath therapies, baths with lymphatic drainage therapy, massages to facilitate circulation and the much-requested anti-stress or relaxing therapy.

Its facilities receive thousands of visitors annually who enjoy its modern and comfortable facilities.
Relaxing massage 
The interesting thing about the Sierra Alhamilla Spring is that it is not just a tourist and medicinal attraction, but the Sierra Alhamilla is also a fantastic and perfect place to meet nature, where tourists and locals can enjoy a unique walk and an idyllic day in the fresh air.
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