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The Rock of the “Encanta”

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Do you want to discover a magical place? We present the Rock of the “Encanta”, located in the municipality of Las Tres Villas, formed by the populations of Escullar, Doña Maria and Ocaña, right in the heart of the Sierra Nevada National Park.

It is located in a privileged place within the “Paraje de Santillana”, where you will arrive after an unforgettable tour and where you will also get to know the legendary stories of bandits, fairies and hidden treasures.

The Rock of the “Encanta” located in the town of Santillana, is a natural monument that attracts a lot of attention which, although uninhabited, still has mud and dirt buildings.

From it, an exceptional panoramic view will show you the beauty and majesty of the Santillana ravine. But the main attraction is, without a doubt, the magical story that is hidden there and has turned the place into a destination for thousands of curious tourists throughout the year.

The legend tells of a beautiful woman with white skin and very long hair of gold who resided in the town of Santillana. She lived in the rock, and went out to meet shepherds and walkers during the nights of the full moon. She sang beautiful melodies that hypnotised people to such an extent that anyone who listened to them lost their mind.

It was precisely this story, which has lasted for many years, from which the name of the “Encanta” arises.

Las Tres Villas

Visiting Las Tres Villas is a direct invitation to the Rock of the “Encanta”. The way is taken by a path in the ravine, which ascends to the aforementioned town of Santillana.

This trail also keeps its secrets open, as it is said that it was used to transport merchandise throughout the area. It was, according to historians, the only route available when the rest of the roads were impassable after the snow of the winter season.

This trail was also the preferred one for moving contraband products in the postwar period: grapes and minerals from the great mines of Beires were transported this way until the train station opened at Doña Maria.

Las Tres Villas also provides a great tourist attraction for thousands of visitors. Walking through its narrow streets and carefully observing its buildings is a wonderfully tranquil pastime.
The houses have retained their white facades and slate roofs, perfect for when snow falls during the winter.

There are many other things that can be visited in this area, such as the train station located in Doña Maria, on a railroad that goes through a ravine into the town of Escullar and to San Bernardo church, located in the city of Ocaña .

In general, there is a great tranquility in Las Tres Villas that nature lovers can fully enjoy.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit Las Tres Villas and of course, the Rock of the “Encanta”, where you will enjoy a fantastic tour full of stories and legends.

If you still haven't been, we invite you to visit this place of beautiful landscapes fantastic views.

It's going to delight you!

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