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Free tapas in Almeria

09-07-2019    {{catList[28].label}}

Typical tapas from Spain
Almeria has many things that make it special and one of them is its famous free tapas.

It is very difficult outside Almeria for you to find a bar or tavern where you can order a beer and they will give you a free tapa ... of your choice!
This is where the success of a free Almeria tapas comes in; you can choose the tapa you want to have. In other places in Spain it is also common to include a tapa with your beer, but you cannot choose it, as they only offer one that is available at the time and of course, it is not the same.

But Almeria is different; to accompany your cold beer with a plate of “gurullos” with rabbit, poor potatoes, a “tabernero”, delicious meat with tomatoes or the famous “chérigans” is only possible in this friendly region.

The variety of tapas to choose from is endless, so you only have to choose yours and enjoy it in good company.

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