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Ecological agriculture in Almeria

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Planting tomato seedling
Almeria has become the spearhead of organic farming throughout Europe.

This model began to be implemented more than two decades ago by a group of producers who opted for this type of agriculture in order to obtain much healthier foods than processed products.

This production model is about growing food with higher nutritional quality without the need to use chemicals, which has had great results in the horticultural sector of Almeria.

Bio Sector

In the province of Almeria, large areas of land have been set aside for the practice of organic farming, which has seen an increase of 70% since 2015; a figure that could increase considerably in the coming years.

This figure places Almeria at the top of the bio sector, now that it involves at least 3,000 ecological operators throughout its territory.

By virtue of this, we can say that some 46,000 hectares of land are used for such purposes, which in the opinion of many experts, would be reaching a new record in terms of organic production of fruits, vegetables and horticulture.

The resulting crops from this method are mainly almond trees, which cover 14,000 hectares; fodder, for which 8,000 hectares are available; olive trees with 1,043 hectares and vineyards with 156 hectares.
Also noteworthy are 5,000 hectares designated for the production of green fertilizers, 1,100 hectares for citrus fruits, 1,100 hectares for dried vegetables, 10 hectares for seeds, 2,100 hectares for legumes and tubers, and another 72 hectares for aromatic plants.

In addition, a system of greenhouse harvesting and production covering 1,950 hectares was implemented for vegetables in 2015, which is by no means insignificant.
Organic vegetables
Those of the Almerian community, like the rest of Spain and Europe, have understood the importance of organic farming in their lives and the positive impact it has on their health.

That is why demand for organic products has surpassed all expectations, so that production is expected to continue to be driven forward and increased.

Use of resources

One of the advantages of organic farming is the use of the resources offered by nature. In this sense, the use of natural fertilisers for the production process has become common.

The use of pesticides has been discarded as much as possible, a regulation that Almeria has complied with for ecological development.
Ecological agriculture

It also highlights the use of water (especially if the crop is outdoors) and sunlight. The environmental management that is carried out is always the main priority for every stage of the process.

In essence, all this is a step in terms of supplying a market that increasingly demands products with a higher nutritional quality and, of course, the requirements of the distribution chain.

The technique of organic farming has had a lot of popular support from private and public institutions. Its increase will be subject to the ability of producers to expand their markets.

There is no doubt that this type of crop has broken all barriers, especially in a province that has an ideal ecosystem for its performance.
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