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10 reasons to visit Adra

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Adra Beach (Adra - Almeria)

As well as being the oldest city in the province of Almeria, the magnificent coast and promenades in the coastal city of Adra have fascinating facts that you should know before visiting there.

We present our 10 reasons to visit Adra.

1. Accessible beaches: Because of its Mediterranean location, Adra benefits from its coasts and port for its local entertainment and tourist attractions. Not only that, Adra has beaches that are accessible to people with any degree of limited mobility.

For example, the famous San Nicolas Beach next to the port of the municipality, has the appeal of being an urban beach that allows you to admire the Mediterranean just a few steps away from the town's promenade. Or there is El Censo Beach; an extension of San Nicolas Beach, in which investment has been made to improve the promenade and bicycle lane, ensuring that it is enjoyed by everyone.

2. Exciting routes: Adra is located southeast of the Sierra Nevada and although it does not have huge mountains, its hills and ravines are the perfect settings to be in contact with nature. You can take routes like the Bolaños to Calar Trail or the Guainos Trail, while enjoying the temperate and Mediterranean climate that characterises the city.

3. Delicacies of the sea: Since fishing is such an important activity for the local population, there is a great variety of dishes based on fish and seafood, such as cuttlefish stewed with potatoes, which give an authentic touch to the various bars and restaurants in the town centre. The Phoenician past of Adra has created an interesting agricultural and fishing culinary mix that uses only the freshest ingredients.

4. Recreational offers: The cultural promoters of Adra always have changing offers of recreational activities, especially in the summer months, which will allow you to enjoy outdoor concerts as well as healthy distractions for the younger ones. You can choose excursions, theatre, concerts, screenings, workshops and much more ... in Adra there is something for everyone.

5. Nightlife: Adra allows you to visit various bars and discos in the town and surroundings that will suit all your preferences, without going too far from the beautiful promenade. It's the perfect scenery to go out with friends.
6. Living for sport: With a young population and catering to visitors interested in energetic activities, Adra has extensive sports offerings; from competitions and classes in the Municipal Pavilion to sailing and fishing courses at the Royal Yacht Club.

7. Hidden Past: As a locality with so much history (IV century B.C.), it is not surprising that the area is also of interest to archaeologists and historians, with guided visits to museums and other areas of cultural interest.

8. Albufera of Adra: This Nature Reserve is very unique because both protected lagoons are in a semi-desert zone with a wide variety of fauna and flora.

It is an important reserve for the migratory passage of birds between the European and African continents, as well as for the conservation of species in danger of extinction like the “pato buceador” or the “pez fartet”. This makes Adra a perfect destination for ornithologists and conservationists.

9. Sweet memories: Almost a century ago, the sugar cane business in Adra began to be industrialised, becoming the main economic engine of the sector due to its ideal climate. The Sugar Factory now functions as a museum that testifies to the history of of sugar and alcohol manufacturing.

10. Exhibitions: The Adra Museum's enviable collection will impact even those who are not initially passionate about local history. Here you can find copies of works by artists such as Picasso and Castellon, accompanied by exhibits dating from the Phoenician and Roman past, along with a tour of the local flora and fauna and migratory animals.

Experience a visit to the Fisheries Interpretation Centre, where you can immerse yourself in the local connection with the sea and fishing.

When travelling to Adra you will love its coasts; but you will fall in love with its variety.
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