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The Canales de Padules

17-12-2019    {{catList[30].label}}

Stones in a riverbed
We are going to tell you about one of the most emblematic natural landscapes of the province of Almeria.

A trip to the small lagoons formed by the Andarax river will be a refreshing and recreational activity, which you can enjoy alone, with friends or with your family.

If it was already well known and visited for the beauty of its natural settings, the place acquired even greater recognition after promotional videos were recorded there by the singer from Almeria, David Bisbal. The number of people who come to bathe in these refreshing and crystal clear waters has increased so much after these videos, many say that at certain times of the year it is much better not to go.

So if you want a more peaceful visit, we recommend you go during weekdays, when perhaps a smaller flow of people will allow you to fully enjoy your experience.

The great influx of tourists has forced the city council to adopt control measures on vehicle access, to avoid damage to the land and to guarantee clean and pleasant facilities for all visitors.

How to get there

Reaching the canals involves crossing the town of Padules by car. Once at the Town Hall, you turn right, as indicated by the road signs and continue in a straight line until you reach a parking lot. There you will find information about the place.
After reaching the Andarax river, we suggest you use suitable shoes that will enable you to walk upstream to the wonderful natural pools, where you will want to immerse yourself for a few minutes to cool off and regain your energy.

It is important to bear in mind that the Andarax river flows between two large vertical walls, revealing its cold and crystalline waters that you can enjoy, especially during the hot summer season. For nature lovers, this is one of the best options to include in a magnificent excursion.

You will also be surprised by the recreational areas that are installed next to the canals; these are terraced spaces where you will surely want to take a relaxing break. Whilst there, why not enjoy some appetisers that will refuel you with the strength to carry on your exploration.

If you continue the journey, you can reach another recreation area also recommended for tourists, which is located in the “Fuente del Nacimiento”. To get there, it is necessary to cross a ravine.

A natural place

Many people in the The “Canales de Paludes” believe that this location should be converted into a Natural Area. This opinion is that this distinction would be very well deserved.

This, without a doubt, would give it the same protection as places that have the designation of Natural Protected Spaces of Andalusia.

Experts in the field have agreed that achieving such a recognition is essential to preserve these spaces where cultural and environmental values prevail, otherwise, these places will continue to deteriorate due to the presence of man.

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