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Things to do in Almeria (III)

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Cathedral of Almeria (Spain)

Riding in Almerimar

Meet Almerimar through its horseback routes.

You can find family routes, quiet walks with the horses through the trails of Almerimar, walks through a magnificent natural park, or simply admiring the waves of the sea.

  Activities in the province of Almeria

Ride on horseback through Almerimar and enjoy nature in its alive state.

Visit the wineries in Laujar de Andarax

The province of Almeria is a land of wines and there is no better experience than discovering the vineyards, the process of making the wines and the wineries where they are stored.

  Activities in the province of Almeria

In Laujar de Andarax you can visit some of its fantastic wineries and find all the secrets of these unique and excellent quality wines, each with their own special personality.

Visit the Cathedral of Almeria

The Cathedral of the Incarnation was built both for worship and for the defence of attacks on the city by Berber pirates.

  Activities in Almeria city

It is a unique example of its kind since it is the only Cathedral with a fortress, erected in Spain in the 16th century. The building presents a transition of architecture between late Gothic and Renaissance, as well as later baroque and neoclassical features.

Hiking in Seron

The Sierra de los Filabres is at the gates of the desert and offers a mountain landscape crossed by a wide network of forest paths ideal for hiking.

  Activities in the province of Almeria

Seron is served by an ample network of roads and trails that are circulated by its extensive municipality of more than 166 square kilometers, that cross zones of great scenic beauty.

Eating in the Almanzora Valley

The Almanzora river crosses a valley full of life. There are fields full of flowering almond trees, orange groves, orchards and small towns whose inhabitants have been using the natural resources of the area for centuries: wine production, mining, meat industry and agriculture.

Look for a good local restaurant and try the rabbit fry, gourds with hare, stewed partridges or the delicious Spanish dessert known as "sighs of almond". You will definitely find that eating well is one of the best things that can you can do in the province of Almeria.
Activities in the province of Almeria

       Almeria city
       Almeria coast
       Cabo de Gata
       Roquetas de Mar
       Tabernas desert

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