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Things to do in Almeria (IV)

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Visit the Saint Anne Castle in Roquetas de Mar

Here is a fortification of the 17th century, which for years served as a refuge for the inhabitants who lived near the port, to protect them from the attacks of pirates and corsairs.

  Activities in Roquetas de Mar

Currently, the Saint Anne Castle offers exhibition halls where exhibitions of painting and photography are held, as well as conferences and talks.

Feel like a cattleman for a day in Taberno

Enjoy the experience of being able to milk a goat with your own hands, use the automatic milking machines, and see how our grandparents made cheeses.

  Activities in the province of Almeria

Immerse yourself in a tradition of hundreds of years to learn our history.

Visit the Velez-Blanco Castle

In the beautiful village of Velez-Blanco stands an impressive 16th century castle built by Don Pedro Fajardo y Chacon, the first Marquis of the Velez, who was a man of arms at the service of the Catholic Monarchs.

  Activities in the province of Almeria

It is a castle emblematic of the architecture of the Spanish Renaissance, mixing the military aspect with the palatial style.

Visit a quarry in Macael

Come to "The City of White Gold" and visit some of its formidable white marble quarries. In the Centre of Interpretation that is dedicated to the marble, you will be able to go on a tour to explore the history of Macael from antiquity to the present day.

  Activities in Macael

Do not forget to visit the world's largest mortar: a great 50-ton piece that has been featured in the Guinness Book of Records since 2015.

Party in Mojacar

Mojacar has turned its nights into a meeting point for thousands of national and foreign tourists of all ages, gaining a name for being known worldwide as the "Small Ibiza".

  Activities in Mojacar

Come to Mojacar and enjoy your fantastic nights filled with joy and fun.
Activities in the province of Almeria

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