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The Balsa de Cela

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To the north of the province of Almeria, between the municipalities of Tijola and Lucar, is the Balsa de Cela, a magnificent spring of thermal waters, perfect for family enjoyment. You cannot resist the temptation to bathe there.

It is a natural pool, with a constant flow of about 42 litres per second, with temperatures that range between 22 and 24 degrees Celsius throughout the year. It's ideal for those who want to take a dip in the middle of winter.

The dimensions of the Balsa de Cela are 50 metres per side, with depths from 50 centimetres to 2 metres.
The bottom of the pool is rocky and next to it, we find a well-kept lawn where you can place towels and lie down for a while to sunbathe.

Like the vast majority of thermal waters, it has great medicinal properties to treat various diseases, which makes it a unique and important destination for many people.

Many people have extolled the waters' medicinal properties, and the outstanding relaxation that is achieved once inside.

Additionally, it has become the perfect place to celebrate Saint John night. On that day, the thermal pools receive people from many locations who enjoy bonfires, sardines, good music and, of course, a midnight bathe with dozens of other visitors.

In short, the Balsa de Cela and its thermal waters have become very popular throughout the country, making it a delightful attraction in the province of Almeria.

The evolution of the waters

In the past, the thermal waters flowed into a pool, that created a beautiful place that only the local inhabitants knew about.

Over the years, and after the locals saw its touristic potential, it was remodelled so it could receive hundreds of people each year. The works done there have turned the Balsa de Cela into the tourist attraction that it is today. In fact, the last time the area was modernised was in 1966.

In addition, six bars were built at the site, where you can take a refreshing drink to soothe the heat of the day and so you can continue spending pleasant moments after bathing.

Here you can also enjoy a wide variety of food, finding among the options offered pizza, grilled meats, tapas ... among many other culinary selections. We are sure you'll love them all.

How to get there

When you arrive by car at Tijola, take the road that will lead you directly to the neighborhood of Cela. You will have no problems finding it, because there are many signs and indications for the route to the thermal water pool.

After reaching the neighbourhood of Cela, take the avenue of "La Fuente" which leads directly to the complex.

Getting to this beautiful location is very simple, so you will find it very hard to resist gathering your family and friends to enjoy a very special day in this magnificent pool of thermal waters.
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