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The best beaches in Almeria (II)

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Los Muertos Beach (Cabo de Gata - Almeria)

Los Muertos Beach in Carboneras

Los Muertos Beach (Cabo de Gata - Almeria)

Its name refers to the bodies that were washed up from the shipwrecks that occurred in the area in times past.

Los Muertos Beach has the blue and crystal clear water of the area and it is a totally straight beach that is more than 1 km in length. Access to the beach is not easy, so it is not suitable for children, seniors and people with any type of mobility problem.

You have to be very careful since it is a very dangerous beach due to the strong sea currents.

Agua Amarga Beach in Nijar

Agua Amarga Beach (Cabo de Gata - Almeria)

An urban beach of fine sand located in the village of Agua Amarga, in the Cabo de Gata Natural Park.

The beach is 550 metres long and has all kinds of services for tourists such as bars, restaurants, kiosks, lifeguards and access for people with reduced mobility, which makes it an ideal beach for the whole family.

Near the beach you can find small rocky bays, one of which is very famous for the mud baths you can have.

Los Escullos Beach in Nijar

Los Escullos Beach (Cabo de Gata - Almeria)

It is a quiet beach, small and very uncrowded. The beach is surrounded by fine sand dunes from which you can see the San Felipe Castle, built by King Charles III in the eighteenth century to defend the coast from Berber attacks.

The quality of its waters and the cleanliness of the beach is incomparable... An incredible place to enjoy the sunrises over the sea.

El Playazo Beach in Vera

El Playazo Beach (Vera - Almeria)

It is the largest and most important beach in Vera and is located in an area among hotels. It is more than 2 km in length and in its northern part is the naturist area; world famous among naturist practitioners for being the first European beach officially declared as a nudist beach.

Barronal Beach in San Jose

Barronal Beach (Cabo de Gata - Almeria)

A very fine sand beach with no stones. Although nudism is not expressly authorised on this beach, it is generally accepted, so nudism is practised here in a totally unspoilt environment.

Bordering the cliffs that surround the Barronal Beach, there is a path that leads to other smaller coves that are called the Barronal Coves.

It is a beach with a great geological interest and is impossible to reach by car, so it is never crowded.
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