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Paddle surf in Almeria

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Paddle surf, also called stand up paddle or Sup, is a relatively new sport, closely linked to surfing, which consists of standing on a board larger than one used in traditional surfing, while steering with a single paddle.

The advantage of this sport is that to practise it, it is not necessary for the waves to be very strong, as in the case of traditional surfing. This advantage makes it perfect for practising in the crystalline waters of the Almeria beaches, where it has become very popular.

Why choose Almeria?
Stand Up Paddle
Tips for Paddle Surf

It is a very simple sport to master, if you have the right tools. Here are some tips to make the most of this sport practice:
  • Balance the whole body. One of the big mistakes made by those who want to practise paddle surfing, and even traditional surfing, is to try to balance only with the legs, when in fact it is necessary to use the whole body.
  • You have to position yourself on the board with your feet slightly apart and your shoulders aligned with them, while the body must be kept straight. A correct body position will help you maintain balance, and it is also necessary to keep the head up and look to the horizon.
  • Good paddling strategy. What experts recommend is to row with the whole body and not just with the arms. It is also important to pick up the paddle correctly, with one hand on the top end and the other on the middle of the paddle. Likewise, the blade must be completely immersed in the water to achieve the necessary manoeuvring force.
  • Keep your distance. It is important to stay away from other paddle surfers, because someone who loses their balance can upset many more if there is not enough space between participants.

Paddle surfing in Almeria

The beaches of Almeria are very popular due to their beauty, comfort, crystal clear waters and favourable winds, among many other characteristics. This makes them an ideal location for the practice of paddle surfing; a sport that is now quite common on these coasts.

There are many companies and groups dedicated to teaching paddle surfing, that also provide rental of the equipment that is required to practise it.

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