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The best beaches in Almeria (III)

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El Playazo Beach in Rodalquilar (Cabo de Gata - Almeria)

El Playazo Beach in Rodalquilar

El Playazo Beach (Cabo de Gata - Almeria)

This is one of the most beautiful beaches of Cabo de Gata. Located 3 km from the village of Rodalquilar, this beach is 400 metres long and it is ideal for family enjoyment.

Its waters are blue and crystalline, and its sand is fine and golden. The beach is overlooked by the magnificent Saint Raymond Castle.

Given its ease of access and its excellent conditions for bathing, this beach can be a little overcrowded in summer.

San Pedro Cove in Cabo de Gata

San Pedro Cove (Cabo de Gata - Almeria)

The only way to get to San Pedro Cove is by foot or by sea. The walking path is long, since it is a walk of more than an hour. The other option is to rent a boat in “Las Negras” that will take you by sea to San Pedro Cove.

San Pedro Cove has fine sand mixed with coarser sand, and is an excellent place for bathing and practising naturism. It is an authorised nudist beach.

San Pedro Cove has a seabed of great interest for the practice of diving.

La Romanilla Beach in Roquetas de Mar

La Romanilla Beach (Roquetas de Mar - Almeria)

It is a magnificent urban beach of 1 km in length. It has all the necessary services for bathers and has been awarded the blue flag on numerous occasions.

From the beach you can enjoy the views of Saint Anne Castle, built in the 17th century to protect the coastline from attack by pirates and corsairs.

Los Cocedores Beach in Pulpi

Los Cocedores Beach (Pulpi - Almeria)

It is the last beach in the province of Almeria, on the border with Murcia.

It is a crescent-shaped beach isolated from the urban area, with crystalline waters and has optimal conditions for bathing. It has a shallow depth and small waves, which makes it an ideal beach to enjoy with children. Its sand is fine and golden, similar to what is only seen in the Caribbean.

Aguadulce Beach in Roquetas de Mar

Aguadulce Beach (Roquetas de Mar - Almeria)

Aguadulce Beach is very popular with holidaymakers the world over! It is picturesque and well regarded within the tourism industry. The 10 km stretch of beach is flanked by a promenade lined by palm trees.

There are many provisions here for beach goers, including kiosks, life guards, children’s play areas and facilities including toilets and showers. The beach is also wheelchair-accessible.
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