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10 reasons to visit Vera

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Flip flops on the beach
1. Superb naturist beaches: The coast of Vera is famous for the practice of naturism among its swimmers, something that over time has attracted a multitude of people willing to experience this total freedom first hand. Vera holds the world record for most nudists on a single beach: 729 people met to break the record in 2015. The northern section of El Playazo Beach is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in Almeria and an ideal place for you to relax without clothes.

2. Friendly urban centre: The Main Square was established as the nerve centre of Vera in the 16th century, together with the Fortress Church of Our Lady of the Incarnation and the town hall (18th century). Nowadays it is the hub for those who go from one side of the town to another; working or shopping in different establishments, drinking with friends or simply chatting quietly on the edges of the square while enjoying the tranquility of Vera.

3. Bullring: Even if you have no inclination to watch bullfighting, it is always fascinating to visit the bullring; it is the oldest in the province, inaugurated in 1879. Its 40 metres diameter ring is an arena for bullfights, but it also hosts various leisure and recreation events in the city.
With bullfighting celebrations dating from the 16th century, Vera has a long tradition in this practice, which has many exhibits in the Bullfighting Museum that is located in the basement of the bullring.

4. Comfortable in the Nude: The need for total contact with nature is an interest that appeals to many, especially bathers who prefer to enjoy the sun and sand completely naked.

The only naturist hotel in Spain is the Vera Playa Club, of the Senator chain.

5. Authentic flavours: The Hispano-Arabic influence is evident in the cuisine of Vera where there are still traditions and seasons that respect their customs, as well as international dishes that can be tasted at their tables. With “guiso de pelotas”, “gurullos con conejo” or a “Tarta Borracha de los Padres Mínimos” as dessert, Vera cuisine is complete with its traditional tapas.

6. Vera lagoon: Visit this small lagoon that forms the Antas river as it flows into the coast of Vera. It is very interesting because of the importance that it has for the conservation of migratory animals in danger of extinction, since other similar formations have been disappearing with the passage of the years.
7. The Christ of Vera: This monument stands at the Cerro del Espiritu Santo, where the old city was built during its Muslim era. Built in memory of the victims of the earthquake of 1518, the statue found renewed popularity in 2011 when it was beheaded by lightning, generating curiosity and suspicion in some visitors. It is a very interesting monument to visit.

8. Following the Route: To appeal to specific tastes and also to satisfy general curiosity, different routes have been designed to discover this municipality in depth, to find that it is much more than just beaches.

There are guided tours that explore the Hispano-Muslim history of Vera in the Cerro del Espiritu Santo. There are also tours that are accessible to people with varying degrees of mobility, with beaches and walks that are suitable to their requirements. You can also choose to take the religious route or the specialised beach route.
9. The Day of the "Vieja": This event brings neighbours together. Celebrated on Thursday in the middle of Lent, it is very popular among adults and young people alike, who greatly enjoy it. At the end of the afternoon stones are thrown at a “vieja” made of paper and rags to get the sweets and surprises that the figure contains.

It is a day of rest and relaxation for the whole family, with its mixture of religious festival and pagan fertility that also celebrates peaceful coexistence in the community.

10. Extreme Emotions: The sports and recreation activities in the municipality of Vera are very varied. There is a wide range of water sports, such as kayak rental and lessons, sailing, jet skis or the fantastic Aquavera Water Park. Also on offer are paintball, ultralight flights, golf, shooting classes and horse riding. In Vera there is fun for everyone.

When you visit Vera you come for the beaches, but you stay for her people!
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