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Sierra de los Filabres, pure beauty

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Sierra de los Filabres (Almeria)
At 63 kilometres long and 28 kilometres wide, the Sierra de los Filabres stands out as the main mountain massif located in Almeria. In fact, this important natural scenery runs from east to west throughout the central zone of the province, being an extension of the Sierra de Baza.

It has an area of 151,000 hectares and is one of the most iconic spaces in Almeria. In addition, its beautiful landscapes have delighted many filmmakers, both from Spain and from the rest of the world.

It is important to know that both the Sierra de los Filabres and the Sierra de Baza constitute a uniquely impressive massif, but it has different names depending on the province where it is located. The Sierra de Baza is located entirely in the province of Granada, while the Sierra de los Filabres is located entirely in the province of Almeria.

Although it has an average altitude close to 1,500 metres, there are areas with heights above 2,000 metres. Outstanding among them are the “Calar Alto” (2,168 m.), “Calar Gallinero” (2,049 m.) and “Tetica de Bacares” (2,080 m.).

Fascinating flora

Another reason to visit this area is its flora, which makes this area an authentic wonder and one of its best tourist attractions. This is thanks to the reforestation that was carried out in the area thanks to the State Forestry Administration and the work of the Institute for the Conservation of Nature (ICONA).
Both organisations were responsible for planting more than 60,000 hectares of Pinus nigra, Pinus pinaster, Scots pine and Aleppo pine, although oaks have also been planted in recent years.

The place also has shrubs including esparto and genista, which we can see at up to 1,500 metres of altitude, and there we can also be dazzled by a background composed of savory, rockrose and blue broom.

Not only that, pennyroyal, lavender and thyme are some of the plants with spectacular aromas that we can find on our way through the mountains and every spring, they are cultivated for domestic use.

In total there are 18 municipalities that are in the Sierra de los Filabres. The most populated municipality is Macael, with a total of approximately 6,200 people. Other municipalities are Alcontar, Lubrin, Sufli, Alcudia de Monteagud, Bacares, Tahal, Bayarque, Benizalon, Laroya, Sierro, Seron, Lijar, Cobdar, Chercos, Albanchez, Gergal and Benitagla.

Emblematic places

There are many places that attract attention in the Sierra de los Filabres, of which two stand out for their beauty and uniqueness:

1.- Calar Alto: As we have already mentioned, it is the highest part of the mountain range and it is in the municipality of Gergal. Its winds and low temperatures do not allow for full development of the trees, but you can find scrub brush, broom and thorny plants that at one time were useful for cattle activity.

2.- Barranco de las Morcillas: It is a remote valley located north of “Calar Alto”. You can visit the towns of “Las Morcillas” and “Los Carrascos”.

The Sierra de los Filabres is a unique place, perfect for hiking and spending unforgettable moments.
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