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10 reasons to visit El Ejido

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El Ejido (Almeria)
1. El Ejido is Sport: Sport is a fundamental part of the daily life of its people. El Ejido is the Andalusian municipality that has the largest number of sports facilities per number of inhabitants. As it is a perfect location for land and sea sports, you can go windsurfing, then go hiking, play rugby and football, or participate in a motorcross race.

2. El Ejido Theatre Festival: Between May and June, El Ejido becomes one of the main focuses of scenic art in Spain. Since its inception in 1973, the festival has gained prestige among fans and connoisseurs with presentations at the famous Ciudad de El Ejido Auditorium Theater, along with other stages and parks. In addition, the theatre has special prices and offers available throughout the year.

3. Endless beaches: The most popular attractions of El Ejido are its 30 kilometres of beach, which can be enjoyed almost all year round thanks to its enviable climate. Discover the Balerma Beach, a favourite of so many visitors, or the Guardias Viejas Beach with its calm and clear waters, and pristine beaches ideal for sport fishing.
4. Almerimar Marina:  Located in what some call “the sunniest corner of Europe”, the Almerimar Marina has capacity for 1,100 boats.

With a mooring capacity length of up to 60 metres, it is not only for boats and yachts.

If you love to admire the sunset after enjoying the beach and want to have some tapas, the Almerimar Marina is sure to give you a most pleasant impression.

5. Punta Entinas-Sabinar: This Nature Reserve is home to more than 200 species of birds, but it also has about 10 km of pristine and quiet beaches to enjoy full contact with nature. If you wish, you can even practise riding while enjoying the diversity and landscapes of the Nature Reserve.
6. Taking advantage of the sea: One of the most important seawater desalination plants in Europe, with capacity for 97 million litres of fresh water per day, is located in the “Campo de Dalías”. Its production is channelled to the municipality's important agricultural industry and also for human consumption. The natural sources of fresh water to the the local ecosystems are therefore carefully protected.
7. Fruits and vegetables, always fresh and in season: With the greenhouses that extend throughout the “Campo de Dalías”, known as the so-called "Plastic Sea", the area optimises crops without wasting water or energy, which allows domestic and international customers to be supplied with healthy and delicious products.

8. Almerimar for everyone: Being one of the most important tourist complexes in Andalusia, Almerimar is much more than spectacular beaches and the Marina. It has two magnificent hotels and Lake Victoria for water sports such as rowing and canoeing.
9. Guardias Viejas Castle: This coastal fortress from the 18th century, that was built to protect the nearby areas from corsairs and pirates, has undergone restoration and is protected by the municipality. Declared as a "Property of Cultural Interest", it currently houses a very interesting permanent exhibition of weapons and uniforms from the Napoleonic era. It has even been the regional headquarters for important musical festivals of electronic genre and of alternative rock.

10. A destination for all: With all the natural attractions that it has, El Ejido has been building a solid range of attractions that can appeal to all possible tastes and demographics. This starts from the obvious tranquility on most of its beautiful beaches and in recreation classes for the young, especially in summer. There is also a growing range of sports that can be as extreme as the hobbyist wants; from bike rides to surfing, windsurfing and go-carts. Not forgetting a delicious variety of culinary dishes that combine tradition with modern and international styles.

In El Ejido you will find a perfect destination, not just for you, but also for your whole family.
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