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Agua Amarga

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Agua Amarga (Cabo de Gata - Almeria)
A village dedicated to traditional fishing and now developed as an excellent tourist centre, Agua Amarga, in the heart of Cabo de Gata, offers an unforgettable journey full of crystalline waters, fauna, and vegetation, with cliffs eroded by the volcanic activity of centuries past.

Its splendid location in Cabo de Gata offers natural wonders such as reefs and coves that you can see only by boat or kayak. An excellent option is to visit El Plomo Cove and live the experience of bathing in it. It is over 200 meters long with a fine sandy area that gradually enters the water. Eroded walls and other sites can be explored at the ends of the cove.
Also by kayak, you can visit the vestiges of the iron ore loading site of Agua Amarga—a perfect geographical location, protected from the Levante winds, which allowed it to become an ideal point for the dispatch of material from the Lucainena de las Torres mines.
You can still visit its old railways, locomotives, and wagons, and even the houses of its workers. You can also access the area by land.
  In the same way, if you love diving, you can go with your family, partner, or friends to dive on the cliffs. This is one of the few places on the Spanish coast where you can dive along the coast without buildings, in the middle of volcanic massifs and cliffs.

How to get there

The closest airport and train station is in Almeria city. It is necessary to travel from there by bus (1:30 minutes), taxi, or car (45 minutes), as it is approximately 60 kilometres away.

Before entering the town, you will find an impressive natural monument: the millennial olive tree of Agua Amarga. The diameter of its trunk is unique and it dates back over 2,000 years. This is why it is considered to have been there since Roman times.

Real land

Agua Amarga is one of the favourite destinations of European royalty. The kings of Spain, Don Felipe VI and Doña Leticia, have enjoyed relaxing days in Agua Amarga on multiple occasions, as have Princess Victoria of Sweden and her husband Daniel Westling and the kings of Holland, Guillermo Alejandro and his wife Maxima Zorreguieta.

Its appeal has been recognized by the fact that it has been the scene of filming for multiple national and international feature films. In fact, the movie "El Niño" was recorded there for over two months.
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