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Armuña de Almanzora

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Armuña de Almanzora (Almeria)
Armuña de Almanzora is a peaceful and beautiful town located in the Almanzora Valley region. The Almanzora river not only lends its name to the municipality but also shaped the area’s orography.

Armuña de Almanzora is located about 91 kilometres from the city of Almeria, the capital of the province. The urban centre of the town is located about 624 meters above sea level.


The history of Armuña de Almanzora is somewhat imprecise. However, remains from the Bronze Age have been found in “La Muela”. Also, material evidence has been found of the passage of the Romans in these lands. It was during the Islamic occupation that the settlement began to be known as “Armuña”.
Church of Our Lady of the Rosary (Armuña de Almanzora - Almeria)
In the middle of the 16th century, the town belonged to the Duke of Escalona.

During this period, Armuña de Almanzora grew in importance, acquiring a tavern, a smithy, a bread oven, several oil and flour mills, and other key constructions of the economy of the time.

In the 16th century, the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary was built and in it, since 1650, there has been a Cordoba custody.

Points of interest

Armuña de Almanzora is a small town and this is precisely where its charm lies, for the peace it offers. It has a beautiful and simple parish church, whose Cordoba custody leaves in procession on Corpus Christi day.

Outside the town is the municipal cemetery and, inside this, the ruins of the castle. This last building consisted of four towers, a parade ground, a gunpowder store, and rooms used by the mayors and other officials. The castle became quite important in its time, to the point of having a patio with columns made from the sumptuous marble originating from the Sierra de los Filabres.

The viewpoint, which offers fantastic sights, the bridge of the three eyes and the public laundry, one of the best-preserved in the entire province of Almeria, are also must-sees.


Although its small size makes it easy to quickly get to know its streets, there is much to do in Armuña de Almanzora. A visit to the fields is mandatory because the proximity to the Almanzora river maintains these cultivable lands. The poplar fields are a visual feast on this unforgettable plain.
Armuña de Almanzora (Almería)
The valley shape makes it a favourite destination for those who run. The tour starts from Armuña de Almanzora and goes through the towns of Tijola and Bayarque, ending in Bacares.

Summer in Armuña de Almanzora attracts the most tourists, most of whom stay at the three-star hotel in town.

The gastronomy of the region floods the streets with aromas that invite the palate.
During this hot season, salads prepared with products grown in this very land are refreshing and delicious. These accompany the dishes of rabbit, fried chicken, and sausages, which are simply a delight. In Winter, the stews, and the fish and paprika broths, are accompanied by excellent wine.
Armuña de Almanzora Travel Guide
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