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The Adra´s albufera

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One of the most important coastal wetlands in the province of Almeria is the Adra´s albufera, thanks to its constant flow of brackish water from the sea, and the rains that arrive there directly from the “La Estanquera” and “Las Adelfas” ravines.

The mild climate also makes it one of the most outstanding and famous national scenic areas in Almeria, both nationally and internationally, which has attracted the enthusiastic attention of hundreds of tourists from all over the world.
It is located in the municipality of Adra, between Los Llanos de Dalías and the mouth of the Adra river, and has become a rich source of food for the diverse fauna of the area. In particular, many migratory birds use this area as a stopover on their long journey between the European and African continents.

It was designated as a Natural Reserve in July 1989, after the approval of the Ministry of Environment, making it part of the many existing protected areas in the province of Almeria.

The Adra´s albufera is formed by 2 large lagoons: the first one is the “deep lagoon”, discovered in 1751; the second is the “new lagoon”, which arose after its separation from the sea in the last century.

The area has 75 hectares of land, of which 29 comprise the new lagoon, another 13 the deep lagoon, 11 cover the vegetation area, and the remaining hectares belong to the buffer zones.

140 types of birds and vegetation

The fauna of the Adra´s albufera is quite varied, but the number of bird species it has is even more impressive. It is estimated that there are at least 140 types of them.
We can highlight the Cetti's warbler, the great crested grebe, the mallard, the black-necked grebe, the Eurasian coot and the white-headed duck, which comes to this area to breed. Many other birds use the place to nest and raise their young.

It is also important to note that the place is the habitat of a remarkable number of fish, such as the sea silverside and also the Spanish toothcarp, not forgetting the large number of reptiles such as the viperine water snake, the Mediterranean tree frog, the Spanish pond turtle and the ladder snake, among others.
Reeds are some of the vegetation that we can appreciate in Adra´s albufera; as well as the Cyperus rotundus, Juncus and tamarisk.

The flora and, above all, the diversity of the fauna, can be easily studied thanks to the observation stations that have been strategically placed around the area.

How to get there?

From the capital of the province to the municipality of Adra is around 53 kilometres and it can be reached by car.

The first thing you should do is take the road through the west of Almeria, and then take the Mediterranean motorway. Then take exit 389 towards the municipality of Adra.

Once there, you can enjoy one of the most important coastal wetlands of the province of Almeria.
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