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Ecovillages in Almeria

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Ecovillages have emerged in recent times as special communities that are designed to be sustainable socially, economically and ecologically. Their philosophy is based on respect for nature, renewal of energy, recycling, the use of ecological materials and sustainability.

Although it seems a utopian dream, the ecovillages of Almeria have become an excellent tourist option and are projects capable of offering an excellent quality of life to its inhabitants as well as an eco-friendly and sustainable option for those who visit it.

The "Cortijo de Los Baños"

Also known as “El Cortijo de Los Baños Al-Hamam”. This is a small ecovillage, located in the vicinity of Lucainena de las Torres.

This ecovillage is extremely popular for offering its visitors a host of group and individual activities focused on physical and mental well-being.
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The "Molinos del Rio Aguas"

This is another ecovillage with a small number of inhabitants involved in self-sustainable development projects.

It is an extraordinary destination for you to get away from the stress of the city where you can establish a genuine connection with nature.

The most impressive thing about this self-sustainable ecovillage is that despite not having water and electricity services, it offers other amenities that allow its visitors to enjoy a wonderful experience.

How do they do it? This ecovillage manages and maintains its operations through solar energy, which, according to them, provides them with what is necessary to live, in addition to the agriculture that is carried there out and from which they obtain a large part of their food.
Ecological agriculture

Some of the most important points of interest of this ecovillage are wastewater treatment, forest regeneration and ecological agriculture, among others.

Sunseed is an advanced environmental project that has ecological crops, sustainable living, bioconstruction, regeneration of arid zones, low impact technologies and solar panels, among others.

Culture of the Earth promotes a knowledge of the Earth, organising courses and workshops on a wide range of topics. The “Casa de la Realidad”, on the other hand, is a modern self-sufficient energy house with 2 kilowatts of solar energy, while the “Pita-Escuela” is an environmental and artistic association.

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