Cabo de Gata - Localities


Discover here all the localities of the Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park and know in depth all the towns of this area of Almeria.


Nijar (Cabo de Gata)
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Cabo de Gata Village

San Miguel de Cabo de Gata
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La Almadraba de Monteleva

La Almadraba de Monteleva (Cabo de Gata)
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San Jose

San Jose (Cabo de Gata)
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Pozo de los Frailes

Pozo de los Frailes (Cabo de Gata)

Boca de los Frailes

Boca de los Frailes (Cabo de Gata)
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Los Escullos

Los Escullos (Cabo de Gata)
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La Isleta del Moro Arraez

La Isleta del Moro Arraez (Cabo de Gata)
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Rodalquilar (Cabo de Gata)
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Las Hortichuelas

Las Hortichuelas - panoramio
It is a small town located 2 kilometers from the coast, in a valley of spectacular beauty.

Las Hortichuelas still retains the traditional air of Mediterranean villages, with its architecture inherited from the Arab culture: single storey white houses with rounded lines and small windows to protect from heat, as well as flat roofs to collect water and strong walls with buttresses.
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Las Negras

Las Negras (Cabo de Gata)
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Fernan Perez

Fernan Perez (Cabo de Gata)
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Agua Amarga

Agua Amarga (Cabo de Gata)
In the vicinity we can visit the Mesa Roldan, an impressive volcanic dome on top of which are the Mesa Roldan Tower and the Mesa Roldan Lighthouse, and where you can enjoy some of the best views of the Natural Park. There is always a steady flow of people visiting the Los Muertos beach, one of the most valued beaches of the Natural Park.
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Carboneras (Cabo de Gata)
Noteworthy is San Andres Island, which is visible from any beach in the town, and which is one of the best places to practice diving. The Rayo Tower is the oldest building in the municipality and dates back to the Nazari era; it is a watchtower that was built to protect the coastline from pirate attacks.

 The 7 Wonders of Carboneras
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