Cabo de Gata - What to visit

What to visit

We present you the most interesting places to visit in the Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park. Do not miss the places of interest in this area of Almeria.

Cabo de Gata Saltworks

Cabo de Gata Saltworks
More than 100 different species of birds have been counted here, 70% being birds that use the saltworks as a resting place in their migratory process. It should be noted the large number of greater flamingos that can be observed. There are two ornithological observation posts.
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Las Salinas Church

Las Salinas Church (Cabo de Gata)
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Cortijo del Fraile

Cortijo del Fraile (Cabo de Gata)
The building is currently in a state of decline and has been used as a natural setting for numerous films, most notably The Good, the Bad and the Ugly by director Sergio Leone.
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Cabo de Gata Lighthouse

Cabo de Gata Lighthouse (Almeria)
It is a place visited for its incredible views and here you can see one of the most beautiful sunsets in the Mediterranean. The lighthouse is near the impressive Las Salinas Beach.
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Sirens Reef

Sirens Reef (Cabo de Gata)
The Sirens Reef is located at the exact geographic point of Cabo de Gata, making it the easternmost part of southern Spain.
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Amoladeras Visitors Centre

Amoladeras Visitors Center (Cabo de Gata)
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Mesa Roldan Tower

Mesa Roldan Tower (Cabo de Gata)
Like other watchtowers in the area, it is in an unfortunate state of abandonment, which has not prevented it from serving as the setting for the series Game of Thrones.
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Mesa Roldan Lighthouse

Mesa Roldan Lighthouse (Cabo de Gata)
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Lobos Tower

Lobos Tower (Cabo de Gata)
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Water Memory Museum

The Memory of Water Museum is located in the building of the old 1950s market of Nijar.

The Memory of Water Museum offers information on a basic aspect of the cultural experience in the territory: water and the different and ingenious solutions to capture, store and distribute it.

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Rodalquilar's gold mines

Rodalquilar's gold mines (Cabo de Gata)
Anyone can visit the mines of Rodalquilar for free and experience their own gold rush, or recreate the scenes of their favorite movies.
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House of the Volcanoes

House of the Volcanoes (Cabo de Gata)
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Albardinal Botanical Garden

Albardinal Botanical Garden (Cabo de Gata)
It is located in the lands of the Public Property of Rodalquilar, in the town of the same name.

Through a network of paths, you will find the most representative species of this area of Andalusia, some of which are unique species in the world.
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San Felipe Castle

San Felipe Castle (Cabo de Gata)
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Amatista Viewpoint

Amatista Viewpoint (Cabo de Gata)
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San Ramon Castle

San Ramon Castle (Cabo de Gata)
Since then it has gone through different private hands and today is rehabilitated as a private residence. It has been declared as “Bien de Interes Cultural” since 2000.
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