Ctra. Antigua del Faro, s/n.
Playa de La Fabriquilla.
04150 - Níjar
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El Cabo a Remo is a company specializing in active tourism that offers the opportunity to discover the Cabo de Gata by kayak around the cliffs and coves of this unique natural area of the Mediterranean. The price is 30 euros each for adults and 18 euros each for minors from 6-16 years.

Enjoy our kayak routes which last approximately 3 hours: La Fabriquilla to discover the Sirenas Reef, the Embarcadero route to descend through the Loma Pelada, the Las Negras route to visit the Bergantin Cove, the Isleta del Moro route to visit the Carnaje Cove, or the Agua Amarga route to admire the Plomo Cove. You can also opt for paddle surfing routes to discover the Almerian coastline on surf boards.

With unparalleled scenic value, you will have a unique opportunity to discover different geological structures and the cultural and ethnographic heritage of Cabo de Gata. We offer guided tours with our trained staff that include a snorkeling dive in one of the virgin coves to enjoy an incredible underwater world.

Conscious of care and respect for the environment, with our leisure and sports tourism, our trips promote responsible tourism. We are also part of the Association of Kayak Businessmen (AEKAL). On every one of our routes, we have all the equipment and materials needed to carry out each activity in complete safety.

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