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The Cabo de Gata is a perfect ending to the end of your navigation. The warm waters and the extraordinary landscapes that cover its coasts are two components that you should always keep in mind in this lovely marine area.

Do you want to know the best routes? Undoubtedly, you will find them with ease and be able to contemplate some sea panoramas difficult to match. If, on the contrary, you prefer to make shorter routes, you have the opportunity to take tours in the destinations that we propose below. Choose the one you like best!

San Pedro Cove. With guided tours of 1 hour and combined of 40 minutes are among one of the destinations that our clients request most, but there are more that we can offer for you to enjoy. Cabo de Gata has a coastline full of beauty. Contemplating it from the sea is one of the privileges that everyone who lives or visits has the luxury of doing.

We offer Kayaks so you can enjoy both the coves and caves of a spectacular volcanic environment with your partner, family or friends. We have self-emptying kayaks of the BIC Brand, with one and two seats. It is the best option if you want to enjoy a relaxed view of all the coves that are in the surroundings.

Or if you prefer to practice snorkeling while you spend a day at the beach, or if you want to go with the Paddle Surf or Kayak board and want to rest a little from the paddle and cool off while enjoying the seabed offered by the park, we can provide what is necessary.

"Al abordaje del Cabo" offers you everything you need with a unique team.

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