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If you want to eat healthy and tasty food, this is the place for you. Tomate Viajero opened in 2020 with the goal of providing a new concept in quality food. It combines the characteristics of traditional healthy cooking (grilled in a wood oven) with the novel approach of dining, or simply drinking, in a pleasant, modern and casual environment.
Tomate Viajero is the perfect place to meet friends, eat with your family or enjoy a pleasant time after work. The open kitchen allows us to observe the heart of our restaurant. In addition, we have a wood oven (an essential tool in countless kitchens around the world) that is used with the confidence of the best chefs in national and international restaurants.
A unique gastronomic experience: Tomate Viajero is a close and fun concept where the diner enjoys a pleasant atmosphere while savouring our wide and varied menu. We offer top-quality raw materials (meat, fish, vegetables) that we prepare using the latest cooking technologies.
The restaurant's gastronomic offerings break the mould of conventional grilled cuisine. We serve a series of dishes that surprise the diner with their originality and taste—and all this in a place whose architecture and decor stand out for their comfort and freshness, making the act of eating a complete experience for diners. We offer a wide and varied menu in which practically everything is grilled with the characteristic touch of a wood oven. Our dishes are full of flavour and are made from local, high-quality ingredients, cooked to order.
At Tomate Viajero, you can savour our delicious first-class meats, a menu of local fresh fish, vegetables from Almería, rice, and spectacular desserts made by our popular chef. Our dishes are made of love and are capable of surprising the most demanding of palates.
We also have a large wine cellar full of local and national offers.
If you want us to give pleasure to your palate, be sure to stop in for a visit.

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