Cookies Policy

As described in our Privacy Policy, we use cookies and similar technologies (together referred to as “cookies”) to ensure that we give you the best possible experience on our Website. In compliance with current legislation, we wish to inform you fully and clearly on all that relates to the use of cookies. Therefore, we recommend you read this policy carefully.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are automatically placed on your computer or mobile device when you visit almost any website. Cookies are used by websites you visit in order to improve your experience on the website. Cookies are used to remember user information, such as the preferences the user may set when visiting the website, the user’s authentication data as a registered user or data about the user’s shopping cart, for example. Cookies may also be used to obtain information about the user’s browsing habits, or data about the user’s computer, such as its IP address, its operative system or the browser used.

Types of cookies

Cookies may be classified according to a number of categories. It is necessary to note that the same cookie may be included in more than one category.

According to their origin, cookies may be:

  • First party cookies: they are cookies that belong to the same domain or subdomain that shows in the browser’s address bar, and are created by the same website that you are visiting.

  • Third party cookies: they are cookies that belong to domains different to the one shown in the browser’s address bar, and are created by other websites. This may happen when a webpage shows content originated in other domains, such as banner ads, for example. The third party cookies are subject to their own privacy policies, and not this policy.

According to their persistence, cookies may be:

  • Session cookies: they are cookies created without an expiry date or a validity interval, that therefore exist only in temporary memory while the user browses the website. These cookies are usually deleted when the user closes the browser (thus closing the navigation session).

  • Persistent cookies: they are cookies that remain in the user’s computer even after closing the navigation session, and that are sent back to the website that originated them whenever the user accesses it again. These cookies persist in the user’s computer until the expiry date set by the site that has created them.

According to their purpose, cookies may be:

  • Technical cookies: these are necessary for browsing. Without them the page would not function properly.

  • Personalisation cookies: these allow the page to recognise the user's language, the font size, etc.

  • Security cookies: prevent or hamper attacks against the website or users.

  • Analytical cookies: these allow users activity to be measured and to prepare browsing statistics.

  • Advertising cookies: these manage the frequency and content of adverts.

  • Behavioural advertising cookies: these store information on users in order to display personalised advertising to them.

Cookies used on our Website

These are, schematically, the first party cookies used on our Website.

    Session technical cookie used by the PHP encryption language to allow session variables to be saved on the web server. This cookie is essential for the operation of our Website and it is enabled by default.

  • consent-10
    Persistent technical cookie (180 days) used to remember the parameters of the acceptance of cookies by the user. This cookie is essential for the operation of our Website and it is enabled by default.

These are, schematically, the third party cookies used on our Website.

  • Embedded content cookies. Embedded content is displayed in some parts of our Website, such as videos hosted on YouTube and maps from OpenStreetMap. Embedded content cookies may be stored in your browser while browsing our Website. In no case our Website has control over these cookies and we cannot obtain personally identifiable information from these cookies. The companies that generate these cookies have their own policies that you can consult in the following links:

    Google (YouTube, Google Maps, Doubleclick)

    These are the embedded content cookies that may be stored in your browser while browsing our Website:

    • _osm_totp_token. Persistent cookie used by OpenStreetMap to operate the maps embedded in our Website.

    • CONSENT. Persistent cookie that stores information, identifiers and preferences related to Google.

    • GPS. Persistent cookie used by Google that records a unique identification on mobile devices to allow tracking based on geographical location by GPS.

    • PREF. Persistent cookie used by Google that stores the viewing and search preferences of YouTube videos: preferred language, safe-search filter, etc.

    • VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE. Persistent cookie used by Google that allows you to track the visited videos that are embedded in our Website.

    • YSC. Session cookie used by Google to control visits to YouTube videos and to record certain events such as "like" or "share video".

    • remote_sid. Cookie technique used by Google to operate the embedded videos via youtube.

    • _gat, _ga, _gid. Persistent cookies used by Google to filter requests from bots and to count and track pageviews.

    • 1P_JAR, OTZ. Persistent cookies used by Google to customize the ads displayed on its properties.

    • ANID, DSID, IDE, RUL. Persistent cookies used by Google to improve advertising. They are usually used to target advertising based on content that is relevant to a user, improve campaign performance reports and avoid showing ads that the user has already seen.

    • NID. This persistent cookie contains a unique ID that Google uses to remember your preferences and other information, such as your preferred language, the number of search results you want to be displayed per page and if you want Google's SafeSearch filter to be enabled or disabled. Google uses cookies, such as NID and SID, to customize the ads shown on its properties.

    • DV, OGPC. Persistent cookies used by Google to provide services and extract anonymous information about browsing.

    • __gads, _ga, _gali, _gat, _gid, rbi_cookies_accepted, _gat_gtag_UA_******_**. Persistent cookies used by Flightstats.

    • JSESSIONID. Session cookie used by Flightstats.

    • _*****. Different session cookies used by Flightstats.

    • PHPSESSID, account_switcher, afiliado, agencia, agencia_grupo, civ_lang, civis, proveedor. Session cookies used by Civitatis.

    • aid, aid_referral, aid_timestamp, campana_afiliado, campana_afiliado_interna, click_id, currency, cart. Persistent cookies used by Civitatis.

    • ts, u ( Persistent cookies used by Civitatis.

    • JSESSIONID ( Session cookie used by Civitatis.

    • visitor_id. Persistent cookie used by GetYourGuide.

Acceptance of cookies

According to the EU directive, the installation of cookies requires the user's consent, excepting technical cookies and those that are necessary for the operation of the Website or the provision of services expressly requested by the user. On our Website, the user accepts cookies by clicking on the “Accept all cookies” button that appears in the pop-up notice when entering our Website, from which you can also configure the cookies you wish to accept in a personalized way. If this notice does not appear, it means that you have already accepted our cookies previously.

How can you manage your cookies?

You can allow, block or delete the cookies installed in your device by modifying the options available at the browser settings. The steps for doing so are different for each browser, you can find instructions in the help menu of your browser. However, you can get more information by clicking in the links below:

  • For further information about Microsoft Edge, click here.
  • For further information about Internet Explorer, click here.
  • For further information about Mozilla Firefox, click here.
  • For further information about Google Chrome, click here.
  • For further information about Safari, click here.
  • For further information about Opera, click here.

If you want to reappear the Use of Cookies pop-up notice to accept new cookies, or revoke previously accepted ones, click on: Cookies Configuration.

More information

For further information about cookies you can visit the following links:

If you have any questions about this Cookies Policy, please contact us.