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Routes & Trails in Cuevas del Almanzora

Cuevas de Almanzora has two hiking routes that do not go unnoticed by nature lovers: the SL-A 251 trail, also known as the Sierra de Almagro Reforestators Trail, and the PR-A 427 trail, called the Luis Siret Route.

The SL-A 251 route is a distance of 5.7 kilometres, so, at a regular and constant pace, the outward journey can be completed in 120 minutes. This route begins at the Remo Canal Recreational Area and, after crossing ravines and slopes, ends at the Swamp Viewpoint, from where you can enjoy a spectacular view. The path has a positive slope of 319 meters and a negative difference of 166 meters. Along the route, in which the predominant vegetation is scrubs and herbaceous plants, you can see birds, small mammals and turtles, mainly the Greek tortoise, which is in danger of extinction within its natural habitat.

In turn, the PR-A 427 route is a journey steeped in history. It runs through the spaces where mining activity took place during the 19th century and the town that for many years sheltered the renowned engineer and archaeologist Luis Siret. Making a circular route, which is perfectly signposted, it is a journey that does not take more than 120 minutes to travel. It offers different points of interest, among which are sites and architectural elements such as the church, schools, viewpoints and mines.

Sierra de Almagro Path

SL-A 251
Distance: 5.7 km
Type: Linear way


Luis Siret Route

PR-A 427
Distance: 10.2 km
Type: Circular way