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What to do in Cuevas del Almanzora

This beautiful town in the Levante Almeriense is surrounded by small mountains and surprises visitors with its wide variety of attractions. Depending on the time of year, visitors who arrive in Cuevas de Almanzora will find events as diverse as one of the best Holy Week celebrations in Andalusia and the Dreambeach Villaricos festival, one of the largest electronic music gatherings in Spain.

The main attraction of Cuevas del Almanzora is the Marquis of the Velez Castle. It is a fortress palace, built in a Gothic style in the 16th century, which watches over the entire town from a small hill. Within the palace complex, you can see an amphitheatre, the Tower of the Homage, the Antonio Manuel Campoy Museum, the Archaeological Museum and the House of the Tercia.

The Antonio Manuel Campoy Museum has the luxury of containing works by Picasso, Barceló and Miró, in addition to the "Goya Room", where a sculpture of the painter's head reigns and you can see 69 engravings made by Francisco de Goya.

The name of the town is related to the caves where its ancient inhabitants lived. You can see “Las Cuevas de Calguerín”, located just 2 km from the town centre, which served as a home and shelter during medieval times. It is also possible to visit the Cave Museum, where you can learn about the way of life in the town in the mid-20th century.

The municipality has done an excellent job of caring for its heritage. Therefore, today it is possible to see the public fountain of the Calvary and the Castle of Villaricos in very good condition.
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