Castle of Villaricos (Cuevas del Almanzora - Almeria)

Castle of Villaricos (Cuevas del Almanzora)

This is a small castle with a horseshoe-shaped floor. The part that faces the sea shows a wall in the form of slope that ends at an angle with the main entrance.

It is eleven meters high with two floors and a terrace closed by a thick wall, where there are a number of "saeteras" and embrasures seen. The interior has vaulted ceilings on its first floor.

After being a military post, it was destined to be a surveillance post for the Civil Guard until its definitive abandonment. At the beginning of the nineties a rehabilitation plan was carried out that tried to turn this historic building back to its original condition. It was recovered and became an exhibition hall and is also a tourist office during the summer months.

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