Palaces (Cuevas del Almanzora - Almeria)

Palaces (Cuevas del Almanzora)

At Cuevas del Almanzora you can find several elegant and striking buildings called “Palaces”. Many of them were built by wealthy families and are continuously visited by tourists, who can admire not only the architectural grandeur with which they were built, but the beauty, practicality and elegance of their interiors.

Among the most popular palaces are the “Palacete de los Grano de Oro”, the “Palacete de los Toledo”, the “Palacete de los Soler” and the “Palacete de los Figuera”, among many others.
They are considered the highest form of expression of the Spanish bourgeoisie of the 19th century, as well as being significant pieces of architecture of the time.

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