Saint Didacus Hermitage (Cuevas del Almanzora - Almeria)

Saint Didacus Hermitage (Cuevas del Almanzora)

Also known as "El Calvario", it was built in 1576 and is located on the hill of Calvario, the highest point of the city and the highlight of the colorful Holy Week of Cuevas del Almanzora.

This was ordered to be built by the Bishop of Almeria, Don Diego Gonzalez de Acevedo. The cult began on November 12, 1591, with a mass and a procession. From the beginning, a brotherhood was created, which they called “Los Mozos”.

In this hermitage, there was always the image of Jesus Nazarene. After the Spanish Civil War, it was transferred to the Church of the Incarnation. The image of Saint Didacus in this hermitage was by Alonso Cano and was destroyed in 1936 during the Spanish Civil War.

In 1915, Don Antonio Bravo Pascual engaged in a great reform of the hermitage and its surroundings. It is noteworthy that when the Spanish Civil War broke out in 1936, the hermitage served as a deposit for weapons and ammunition.

After a remodeling of the temple and its surroundings at the beginning of the 20th century, the statue of the Sacred Heart was erected, presiding over the square and the viewpoint.

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