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Routes & Trails in Dalias

One of the great trails in Dalias is the PR A-113, which is a circular section that includes several areas of unevenness. It is very long, which is why it has been separated into several parts. It is recommended that these parts be done on different days, as otherwise the trip could seem endless. The first section begins from the Celin Recreation Area. It is 4.5 km long with 650 meters of unevenness and will take you through the “Barranco de las Fuentes” and “La Tubería de Fuente Nueva”. Then you will face the steep slopes of “Los Borondos” before finally reaching the “Cortijo Clavero”. The second section starts from the “Cortijo Clavero” and passes through the “Fuente Alta” and “Fuente de la Mosca”. Continuing with the third section, you will cross the “Barranco de Fuente Alta” through the “Peñoncillo” Mine, where we recommend that you take a break to contemplate the landscape and natural beauty. To finish the fourth section, you will travel along the forest track of the mountains, which crosses the Celin Recreation Area.
At Dalias, you can also walk the El Cerron Path, which is located in the Sierra de Gador, with a round-trip length of 8.6 km. You will see various vines, figs, pomegranates and tropical fruits. From the “El Cerrón” you will have a magnificent view of the Mediterranean Coast.
Another of Dalias's important routes is known as the Southern “Dosmiles” of the Sierra de Gador. It is located between Sierra Alhamilla and Sierra Nevada and has a difficulty of medium, even though it’s not very uneven - only 350 meters. The route is 8.3 km long and is circular. The views are beautiful; you will be able to see the Dalias countryside, Sierra Nevada, the Cabo de Gata and the Mediterranean Sea.

Celin - Celin

PR-A 113
Distance: Several sections
Type: Circular way


El Cerron Path

PR-A 154
Distance: 4.3 km
Type: Linear way


The Southern "Dosmiles"

PR-A 144
Distance: 8.3 km
Type: Circular way