Aljizar Hermitage (Celin - Dalias)

What to visit in Dalias

We present you the most interesting places to visit in Dalias. Do not miss the places of interest in this town of Almeria.

Town Hall

Town Hall of Dalias
It was built in the 1950s on the site of a 19th century mansion, with a clock tower similar in style to that of the Franco era.

The building has three levels and a small porch that serves as an entrance to the Town Hall, as well as a large terrace and small balconies.
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Saint Mary of Ambrox Church

Saint Mary of Ambrox Church (Dalias)
In 1804 an earthquake destroyed the second building, and later, in 1993, the flames go back to devastate the temple with important losses.
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Holy Cross

Holy Cross (Dalias)
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Saint Michael Hermitage

Saint Michael Hermitage (Dalias)
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Father Rubio Museum

Father Rubio Museum (Dalias)
This museum is dedicated to the life and work of Saint Father Rubio (1864-1929).

The museum is open every Sunday from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm and entrance is free.
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The Garita Tower

The Garita Tower (Dalias)
The Tower of La Garita was built by the Muslims during the Andalusian period in the 13th century. It is now almost completely gone, with few remaining vestiges.

It has been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest (BIC).
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Dalias Casino

Dalias Casino
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The Desire Fountain

The Desire Fountain (Dalias)
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The Peralta Fountain

The Peralta Fountain (Dalias)
This fountain has its origin at the end of the 19th century and it is assumed that it originally had four pipes. Until a few decades ago, the Peralta Fountain had two pipes, while currently it has only one pipe.

As for the name of the fountain, it is presumed that it was named after the surname of a family who lived in the locality.
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Baths of the Queen (Celin)

Baths of the Queen (Celin - Dalias)
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Swamp of the Queen (Celin)

Swamp of the Queen (Celin - Dalias)
The Swamp of the Queen is a dam of Arab origin of which only the upper part remains. It serves as a bridge path to the town of Celin.

This historic site dates back to the 13th century and is located on the road under the Baths of the Queen.
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Aljizar Hermitage (Celin)

Aljizar Tower and Hermitage (Celin - Dalias)
Along with the hermitage that bears the same name, the Aljizar Tower is one of the most outstanding historical vestiges of Celin.

It is the first octagonal Nasrid construction from the 14th century, and it is built in brick on a stone base.

Located on a hill from which you can see the coast perfectly, it imparts a unique beauty to the area's landscape.
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Saint Michael Church (Celin)

Saint Michael Church (Celin - Dalias)
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Arroyo de Celin

Arroyo de Celin (Celin - Dalias)
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