Aljizar Hermitage (Celin - Dalias - Almeria)

Aljizar Hermitage (Celin - Dalias)

Along with the hermitage that bears the same name, the Aljizar Tower is one of the most outstanding historical vestiges of Celin. It is the first octagonal Nasrid construction from the 14th century, and it is built in brick on a stone base.

Located on a hill from which you can see the coast perfectly, it imparts a unique beauty to the area's landscape.

On the entrance façade is a hollow with a semi-circular arch, completely framed by the pilasters and protected by a tile on which there is a small round hole. The interior is sober and dark. Inside is an image of the Virgin of Sorrows from 1972, which replaced another image that was extremely deteriorated.

In this enclosure, every year at the end of May, a typical pilgrimage is celebrated in which residents of Celin and Dalias participate.

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