Saint Mary of Ambrox Church (Dalias - Almeria)

Saint Mary of Ambrox Church (Dalias)

The Saint Mary of Ambrox Church is a building that was built in the late 1990s. It consists of a Latin cross floor plan with three naves, an aligned transept and a main chapel presided over by the Holy Christ of the Light, with sacristies on both sides.

This holy church has suffered many disasters throughout its history, starting with its first construction in 1501 being razed by the Moorish in 1568. In 1804 an earthquake destroyed the second building, and later, in 1993, the flames go back to devastate the temple with important losses.

The main façade is made up of three bodies, each of two heights, the central one being wider and taller than the sides, in which bells can be seen. It should be noted that the central nave and the transept of the enclosure are completely covered with wood, which was placed after the fire that affected the primitive barrel-vaulted roof. Now the aisles are covered only with groin vaults between transverse half-barrel spaces. The Holy Christ of Light is located in the main chapel, a work carried out by the Sevillian Castillo Lastrucci in 1939.

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