The Holy Cross (Dalias - Almeria)

The Holy Cross (Dalias)

This is a small monument erected in the 19th century in honour of the Holy Cross, and is the place where Dalias neighbours celebrate the Day of the Cross, and where they make their annual pilgrimage. Located on the outskirts of the municipality on its eastern side, it is a simple construction of rather small dimensions.

The monument stands on a square base platform surrounded by four arches and is covered by a hemisphere shaped vault.

Although the exact date of its creation is not clear, it already existed at the time of the Spanish Civil War. According to the story, an aviation chief had a priest uncle living in Dalias who ordered that when planes passed through that area, they should not bomb it.

In this small temple, a tradition has been celebrated for many years: “novenas” in honour of the cross, from April 25 to May 3 at nine in the morning. For the locals, this is usually a special celebration of a commitment they have inherited from generation to generation.

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