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Routes & Trails in El Ejido

The Pigeons Trail is 16 km long and has a circular route that will take you around 5 hours to complete. Along the trail, you can see that the vegetation is wide and varied. You will also notice the “Arroyo de Las Palomas” and the “Arroyo Ancho”, the latter being close to a stone dam. Next, you will pass through “Los Cortijos de Peñas Negras”, continuing through the “Barranco de Peñas Negras”. Following the path, you will find the “Cerro de Tajo Chico”, from where you will be able to contemplate the beauty and grandeur of the entire Poniente of Almeria. A little farther on, you will see the mines of the “Galería de Los Lobos”.
At El Ejido, there is also the peri-urban heritage sports trail, also known as the Water Route. The municipality’s objective is to revalue all those monuments linked to water, with some examples being quarries, cisterns, the archaeological site of Ciavieja and the Daymun. This route is very simple, with a length of about 11 km. Its signage is blue and symbolizes a cistern and an arrow. Because this route is within the streets of El Ejido, you can do only part of it if you prefer.
The municipality also offers the option of guided tours for groups. If you are interested, simply contact the Culture Area of the El Ejido City Hall.

Pigeons Trail

PR-A 230
Distance: 16 km
Type: Circular way


Water Route

Distance: 11.2 km
Difficulty: Moderate
Type: Circular way