Tower of Balerma (El Ejido - Almeria)

Balerma Tower (El Ejido)

The fortified tower of Balerma is located next to the center of this locality, and was built in the middle of the 18th century. The tower forms part of the defensive system created by Charles III to protect the coast of the old Kingdom of Granada from the threat of Berber pirates after their expulsion from the peninsula and the repopulation of the area by the Catholic Monarchs.

The structure of the tower is circular and of a medium height, which was accessed by a stone staircase and a drawbridge in 1803. This was created to support two cannons of a pronounced calibre, although after the war of independence, the English found two bronze culverins inside. The upper part had rooms to house three persons, while the lower part was allocated to spare storage and military equipment.

Balerma is a town with a seafaring tradition that is constantly changing, with the fortified tower being one of the most representative emblems of the place.

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