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C/ Tiziano, 6.
04700 - El Ejido
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If you do not feel like cooking, but you like to eat luxury, then this is your place. At Casa Ricardo we offer a great variety of homemade food of great quality to take home or wherever you prefer.

You’ll find rations, stews, meats, fish, roasts to order and desserts to choose from, as well as a catering service for parties and all kinds of events.

Do not get stressed out about cooking, and come to Casa Ricardo, the best price with the highest quality of food.


Japanese cuisine seemed like a fad but it came to stay. Sushi, maki, miso, sashimi, sake, tempura are some of their most appetizing specialties.

Are you a true lover of Japanese cuisine? Its mixture of flavors is exotic and very fresh, as well as healthy. At Casa Ricardo, a Spanish and Japanese restaurant, we encourage a relaxed atmosphere o you can enjoy its flavors. This makes it easier to eat with chopsticks.

Have you not tried Japanese food yet? If you prefer, ask for a fork. Originality and variety, but also lightness, go hand in hand with Japanese cuisine. Quality is directly proportional to prices.

For reservations a minimum of 2 days notice is required – groups are a maximum 10 people (Japanese food).

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