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The media today have an uncertain and at the same time exciting audiovisual panorama. Change of formats, multiplicity of channels, technological innovations, questioning of management models. In short, a permanent search for retrofit formulas to justify their permanence and ensure their future.

In this context, Trendy FM Radio is committed to strengthening its greater value, the Almerian people, distinguishing them and recognizing them as the differential element when creating their own brand capable of crossing borders and showing the world a plural society, convinced of its possibilities. A task in which we are all engaged: professionals, audience, producers, and public officials.

From its conception as a public service and with transparency as a backbone, Trendy FM Radio directs its organizational project, its business strategy and its resources to the promotion of social cohesion and the defence of common interests, and in this objective we meet daily the reason for our work.

Trendy FM Radio is the result of the grouping of media, marketing agencies, manager / booking services and event production. With the extensive experience of their team of more than 30 years, they make our experience the best entertainment and information option, as well as for companies or businesses a great choice when planning advertising campaigns or representation of products and / or artists and creation of events.

Trendy FM Radio is designed for all audiences of a wide range of age. Since the musical selection is designed, both men and women between 15 and 60 are our regular audience, being even more incisive in the age of 20 to 40 years. The benefit for advertisers is something real and they notice the real effect of radio advertising in its full potential; with options always calculated for greater effectiveness for the listener with a satisfactory commercial result without at any time reducing the quality of the content for the listener. Recent audience studies support this.

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