Filabres-Tabernas - History


To the north of the city of Almeria is the region of Filabres-Tabernas, whose limits are: the province of Granada and the region of the Almanzora Valley to the north, the Levante of Almeria to the east, Almeria and the Alpujarra to the south and Granada by the west.

It is formed by 18 municipalities and has few inhabitants and a remarkable diversity of natural wonders. The name of this region stems from Sierra de los Filabres and the Tabernas Desert, which gives an indication of the characteristics of its geography.  
Tabernas (Almeria)
The wide valley of Filabres-Tabernas has some archaeological sites that are proof that in prehistory, this region occupied a prominent place in the settlement of cultures and civilizations. It is composed of two very particular geological sectors. On the one end, there is the Sierra de los Filabres, a mountainous massif in which you can see the chromatic variety that goes from white to gray and green (depending on the area); while at the other end is the Tabernas Desert, where you can observe incredible gullies.

Historically, it is known as a territory where important mining and livestock activity took place, which played a prominent role in the progress of the region. Now, the agricultural tradition in the different municipalities is conserved, where it emphasizes the high production of vegetables and cereals, as well as some ligneous crops of almond trees and olive groves.
Tabernas Desert (Almeria)
The Tabernas Desert stands out for its geological richness, with scarce flora, like the deserts of the African continent. However, it serves as a refuge for various species of birds, reptiles and mammals, who take advantage of these conditions in order to reproduce.

In the region of Filabres-Tabernas, tourism has been elementary for its inhabitants, and each year they receive thousands of Spanish and foreign tourists. These tourists can visit important towns, soak up the history and enjoy the traditions that are still important in the different rural communities. Visitors can escape from routine and indulge in several theme parks that have been built in the area, entering the cinematographic past of the region that has contributed greatly to economic progress.
Tabernas Desert (Almeria)
Natural tourism lovers will not be disappointed in this Almeria region, as they have several options in regards to parks, such as the Sierra de los Filabres, the Sierra Alhamilla Natural Park, the Tabernas Desert and the Sierra Nevada Natural Park.