Filabres-Tabernas - Sierra de los Filabres

Sierra de los Filabres

Along the 60 kilometers, in the province of Almeria, the Sierra de los Filabres extends a mountain mass that covers an area of 151,000 hectares. All this natural grandeur constitutes the southern limit of the Almanzora Valley and is located at the gates of the Tabernas Desert, offering ideal mountains for both tourists and nature lovers.

In this land where millenary cultures have been crossed, 18 municipalities with more than 15,000 inhabitants can be found. Within these places are: Albanchez, Alcontar, Alcudia de Monteagud, Bayarque, Bacares, Benitagla, Benizalon, Chercos and Cobdar.

The other municipalities that make up the Sierra de los Filabres are Gergal, Laroya, Lijar, Macael, Seron, Sierro, Sufli, Tahal and Lubrin. These towns are characterized by their endless slopes and peaks that exceed 2,000 meters in height.

The Sierra de los Filabres has a historical legacy that can still be enjoyed today. In their spaces are the remains of the crossroads of cultures that met many years ago, and were passed on from generation to generation.
Astronomical Observatory of Calar Alto (Almeria)
The Sierra de los Filabres stands out in Almeria as a corner that impresses people with its countless charms. There are spaces for lovers of outdoor adventures, as well as for those who want to rest in a place of peace and tranquility. Its magnificent landscapes surround the villages that are nestled in the mountains, and over the years they have shaped a particular identity with cultural traditions that have remained over time.

The Sierra de los Filabres is characterized, among other things, by the large number of small villages with few inhabitants and great customs. Some of these small towns are Urracal, Somontin, Sierro, Castro de Filabres, Alcudia de Monteagud, Laroya, Tahal and Bacares, among others.

Another notable feature has to do with the tourist attractions of the region, where nature, gastronomy, culture and traditions combine to make the Sierra de los Filabres an ideal destination to escape to. In the Sierra de los Filabres, you’ll find the most diverse landscapes, ideal routes for hiking, magical spaces for horseback riding and panoramas full of beauties without equal. Any time of the year is perfect to visit the Sierra de los Filabres and stay in one of its rural houses.
Sierra de los Filabres (Almeria)
Likewise, forests and bushes have continued to spread gradually and their aromatic plants accompany the routes the thousands of travellers use every year.