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Coordinates: 37.142222°, -2.777222°

Distance to Almeria: 65 km

Elevation: 861 m

Population: 1,247 inhabitants (2022)

Demonym: Abulense

Abla occupies an extension of about 46 km² and is located in the northwest of Almeria, specifically in the southern slope of Sierra Nevada towards the Sierra de los Filabres, on the upper course of the Nacimiento river. Its location makes it the gateway to the Alpujarra of Almeria.

Although this picturesque town is settled on mountain terrains, there are also some elevations such as “Cerron de Guzman” and “Loma de las Bazanas”. The commercial activity is based on factories of spirits and flour mills, in addition to the manufacturing of wines, oils, cereals and legumes, as well as the breeding of wool cattle.

Abla was one of the first towns in Spain to be Christianized, in the first century. During the 15th century, conflicts with the Moorish caused the population to shrink considerably. Until the 19th century, this enclave was dominated by a castle, of whose tower and aqueduct the ruins are currently preserved.

This municipality was the place of settlement of Romans, Visigoths, and Muslims, successively, who left their cultural and architectural legacy in the place. In this way, the visitor can see both the remains of an Arab castle and a Roman mausoleum from the second century, as well as the many examples of religious architecture dating from the 16th and 17th centuries.

Abla's crafts are famous and varied, with precious samples of blacksmithing, basketry, looms, and plaiting materials—creations of local artists who keep an ancient tradition alive. Its natural landscapes have unparalleled beauty and splendour, suitable for being explored and enjoyed on excursions and in hikes along its many routes.

It is a peaceful town with a lot of history, an ideal place to know and enjoy the landscapes, historical places, festivals, and traditions of the province of Almeria.

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