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Coordinates: 37.133333°, -2.783333°

Distance to Almeria: 67 km

Elevation: 978 m

Population: 1,275 inhabitants (2023)

Demonym: Abrucenero (a)

The territory of Abrucena extends along the northern slope of the Sierra Nevada, which also passes through the Nacimiento river valley, until it reaches the Sierra de los Filabres. This municipality of about 83 km² has four population centers: Abrucena, Camino Real, Pago de Escuchagranos and Los Monjos.

This municipality had its origin in the Neolithic and was a direct witness of the Arab occupation, as well as the wars between Christians and Muslims in the 10th century. It has gone through important periods, like the Roman Empire, Christianization, Muslim ruling, and reconquest. This small town, with narrow streets and rustic red-roofed houses, has the picturesque beauty of the old Andalusian medieval villas. Multiple traditional festivals are held in Abrucena throughout the year, most of a religious nature. Residents and visitors participate in them with enthusiasm.

The gastronomy of the place is typical of the region, with great influence from Mediterranean cuisine, which uses ingredients such as olive oil, almonds, beans, and peppers. Highlights include other dishes such as migas, rabbit frit, gurullos, fried rolls, wine and brandy rolls, and others, which can be tasted in the town's bars and inns, accompanied by excellent artisanal wine.

Due to its location, Abrucena is an excellent destination for ecotourism and hiking in the mountains, hills, and valleys of great beauty that surround it. The region also has great diversity in terms of flora and fauna. Activities such as hiking, camping, mountaineering, and fishing are ideal to carry out in its surroundings, which offers an extra element of attraction to its natural environment. It also has a pleasant mountain climate, ideal for these outdoor practices.

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